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error parsing expression是什么意思 谢和弦i dont know why下载地址 error:I llegal expression什么意思 把下列简单句改为带有定语从句的复合句.1.The boys playing tennis are my friends.2.He had a letter written in French3.She is the girl called Mary 4.I know the boy running in the park ASM出现B4错误代表什么意思. 分解因式;25t平方-0.09要过程 illegal expression是什么错误?pascal请说明白点, 把以下含定语从句的复合句改写成两个独立的简单句.1.He came from a family which/that was very poor.2.The house whose windows face south can be sold at a higher price.3.But it was also a time when there were many great philosophers Egypt's generals impose martial law,求标题翻译, i'm so happy you were always on my 大明 has got a stamp from china.变否定句 汇编总是提醒:error a2008::in instructionassume cs:code,ds:data,ss:stackdata segment db 'welcome to masm!'db02h,24h,71hdata endsstack segment dw 8 dup(0)stack endscode segment start:mov ax,datamov ds,axmov ax,stackmov ss,axmov sp,10hxor bx,bxm 第二节北京市青少年安全征文题目(小学五六年级组) 第二届北京市青少年安全征文题目(小学五六年级组)作文答案?十万火急! I’ve got some English Chinese chopsticks.急 l've got some chopsticks,but theyare dfflcult翻译中文是什么意思 l've got some books from China.翻译成中文 My brotherhas got some Chinese chopsticks.改为一般疑问句. 请告偶中文意思Pursue the excellent,challenge the impossible,and tap hope out of despair,Pursue the excellent,challenge the impossible,and tap hope out of despair,then your life will be complete! 若x为其数,相邻的两个奇数分别是( )和( ),如果这个连续的奇数和是60,那么最小的一个奇数是( ). How many minorities are there in China besides Man minority?A.54 B.55 C.56 now you can have another Chinese stamp,now you can have another Chinese stamp,simon 希望有懂英语的朋友告诉我一下.感激不尽![请不要给我搬一大堆语法说教文来,尽量简洁,最好只有答案.] What is the future of the Minority Groups in China? please tell me if you feel tired“如果你感觉累了请告诉我”有错误吗? Strikes in Egypt add to pressure from protests ,求标题翻译, 人教版七年级上册英语听力材料原文如果再有下册的,那就更好了 Egypt rejects 'hasty' reforms amid pressure from US and protestors,求标题翻译, 12版新人教版七年级上册英语听力材料文字及MP3格式 i've got a radio.改成一般疑问句 I tell you.这个句子完整吗 描写雨的句子(写的美的现代文) dont know why 的原唱是谁?就是诺拉琼斯和小野丽莎都唱过的那首